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2024 is another great year for the presentation of Vassil Ivanoff artworks.

Vassil is present with Demisch Danant in TEFAF New York from 9th to 11th of May 2024.

Previously unseen Ivanoff ceramics were displayed with great success in TEFAF Maastricht with Demisch Danant from 7th to 14th of March 2024.

A few ceramics were in SFO FOGFAIR from 18th to 21st of January 2024 with Demisch Danant. Pictures here.

And, of course, you can still see Ivanoff's works in Paris, Galerie Anne-Sophie Duval, in NYC, Galerie Demisch Danant, or in La Borne in Musée La Borne

In 2023, Vassil Ivanoff's work was internationally presented and appreciated : 

In 2022, Vassil Ivanoff's work was duly presented and appreciated : 

  • Exhibition "Sans Réserves", Musée de la Borne, in La Borne, April-November 2022, information here and on Facebook

  • Exhibition "Le Grès Sublimé d'Ivanoff", Musée Charles VII in Mehun sur Yevres, March-November 2022, information here,

  • Tajan auctions 17th of March 2022 and 9th of June information here and here,

  • Art Research Paris auction 16th of June 2022, information here,

  • Exhibition in Galerie Anne Sophie Duval from October 2022 to Feb. 2022.

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