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After an intense 2022, Vassil Ivanoff's pottery and artworks attracted the light again this spring.

A few Ivanoff artworks were presented in Tajan's March 15th auction with great results.

A summer exhibition of Ivanoff's erotic subjects is also in the making ! 

We fly to NYC in April to meet art galeries for a possible 2024 Exhibition.

In 2022, Vassil Ivanoff's work was duly presented and appreciated : 

  • Exhibition "Sans Réserves", Musée de la Borne, in La Borne, April-November 2022, information here and on Facebook

  • Exhibition "Le Grès Sublimé d'Ivanoff", Musée Charles VII in Mehun sur Yevres, March-November 2022, information here,

  • Tajan auctions 17th of March 2022 and 9th of June information here and here,

  • Art Research Paris auction 16th of June 2022, information here,

  • Exhibition in Galerie Anne Sophie Duval from October 2022 to Feb. 2022.

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